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Our Work

Blank Canvas is currently involved in the following projects.  Niki is open to sharing on various platforms that may allow her to reach different audiences that seek to create a reality where they feel empowered to listen to their intuition again.  This leads to a life full of joy and abundance.

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Intuitive Living 
Niki's Chapter -
'The Lies I Told Myself'


"No more second guessing, doubting, putting everyone else first, and getting sucked into the beliefs, realities, and projections of others.

It is time to live in alignment with our own values, develop deep self-worth and not only recognise but also trust and act upon the whispers of our intuition.


Meet the leaders who live from a place of deep listening. Discover their tools so that you too, can begin to live your life surrounded by the magic that unfolds when we listen to our intuition."


Authentic Living

Niki is a coach and mentor for the programs of Authentic Living.  Retreats are held in Dolores, CO, Sedona, AZ and more.



Niki is a coach and trainer for FRTC.

FRTC is involved in changing the lives of professional and volunteer First Responders involved in Fire, Law Enforcement and EMS, by building empathetic and honest Peer Support relationships within the First Response agencies we serve. 

First Responder Trauma Counselors


Creative Soul Collaboration

Two creative souls coming together to hopefully touch yours. Katie Warchol from Sage n' Soul joins me to guide  you into the creative flow that we all have within.

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